Ting-An Lin_Profile

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, who has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers. I am completing my dissertation this year (2021-2022), thanks to the support from the University and Louis Bevier Fellowship.

My research primarily focuses on ethical issues that arise from the interactions between social structures and individuals. I specialize in ethics and applied ethics (including AI ethics), social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. I also have research interests in developing Taiwanese philosophy, an area that is still in its embryonic stage.

Before coming to Rutgers, I earned my M.A. in Philosophy at Texas Tech University and completed my B.S. in Life Science at National Taiwan University (in my home country, Taiwan).

Here is my CV. You can contact me at tingan.lin@rutgers.edu