I have teaching experiences in ethics, social-political philosophy, logic, philosophy of mind, and introduction to philosophy, both in-person and in online formats.  My devotion to teaching has received recognition with a distinguished teaching award, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education. You can read the citation here.

Courses taught as the main instructor

Introduction to Logic, Rutgers University, Spring 2020 (Half Online)

  • This is an undergraduate-level introduction to logic class from a philosophical perspective. You can view the syllabus here. The latter half of the class is taught online with synchronous sessions. 

Current Moral and Social Issues, Rutgers University, Spring 2019

  • This is an undergraduate-level intro to ethics and applied ethics class. Various contemporary social and issues related to market and structural inequalities are covered throughout the semester. You can view the syllabus here.

Teaching Training and Certificate

Seminar on Introduction to Online and Hybrid Teaching, Rutgers University, Spring 2020

Teacher Training Certificate, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University, Spring 2019

Seminar on Teaching in Philosophy, Texas Tech University, Fall 2014

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