My teaching experience ranges from introductory-level courses to senior seminars across both in-person and online formats. I have taught in ethics, applied ethics, social and political philosophy, logic, philosophy of mind, and introduction to philosophy.

My devotion to teaching received recognition with Rutgers University’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education, one of the institution’s most prestigious teaching awards.

Teaching Experience

  • As Solo Instructor
    • Current Moral and Social Issues, Rutgers University, Spring 2019
    • Introduction to Logic, Rutgers University, Spring 2020 (Half Online)
  • As Teaching Assistant
    • Introduction to Philosophy-Writing Intensive, Rutgers University, Fall 2019
    • Current Moral and Social Issues, Rutgers, Fall 2018
    • Introduction to Ethics, Texas Tech University (TTU), Spring 2016
    • Minds, Brains, and Computers, TTU, Fall 2015
    • Introduction to Ethics, TTU, Spring 2015
    • Introduction to Logic, TTU, Fall 2014
    • Social Justice and Democracy, National Yang-Ming University (NYMU), Fall 2013
    • Animal Minds and Consciousness, NYMU, Spring 2013

Sample Syllabi

  • Current and Moral Social Issues (Introductory Level)
    • an examination of central topics in moral and social-political philosophy; taught at Rutgers (Spring 2019)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (Introductory Level)
    • a broad survey of central philosophical issues; course materials drawn from diverse philosophical cultures
  • Introduction to Logic (Introductory Level)
    • an introduction to two systems of formal logic: Truth-Functional Logic and First-Order Logic; taught at Rutgers (Spring 2020)
  • Business Ethics (Introductory/Intermediate Level)
    • designed for both students of business and philosophy major; covering various philosophical and ethical issues related to business
  • East Asian Philosophy (Introductory/Intermediate Level)
    • a broad overview of East Asian philosophies, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean philosophies
  • Feminist Philosophy (Advanced Level)
    • an introduction of central ideas in feminist philosophy and a survey of various feminist frameworks for thinking about philosophical issues

Teaching Training

  • Rutgers Online Learning Conference, Rutgers University, Summer 2020
  • Seminar on Introduction to Online and Hybrid Teaching, Rutgers University, Spring 2020
  • Teacher Training Certificate, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University, Spring 2019
  • Seminar on Teaching in Philosophy, Texas Tech University, Fall 2014