Public Philosophy

As a believer in the transformative power of philosophy, I participate in public philosophy by writing public pieces, giving talks, and organizing community-based reading groups on various social issues, including ethics of AI, nonviolent social movements, and gender inequality in STEM areas. 

  • Podcast: “A New Perspective on AI,” Her Way Podcast, Jan 2023
  • Public Piece: “Non-violent Repression as a Form of Repression” (in Taiwanese Mandarin), Stand News Philosophy, Aug 2019 
  • Public Piece: “Understanding the Feasibility of a Non-violent Movement Against Dictatorship in Hong Kong,” Stand News Philosophy (in Taiwanese Mandarin), New Bloom (in Taiwanese Mandarin and with English translation), Jul 2019
  • Public talk: “What is AI and Why Should We Care? – Philosophical Reflections on Artificial Intelligence,” Café Philo, New York, USA, May 2017 [slides] [video (in Taiwanese Mandarine)]
  • Reading group open to the public on Social-political Philosophy, Café Philo, New York, USA, Spring 2017
  • Public talk: “Can Science Answer the Hard Problem of Consciousness?” Philosophy Café, Lubbock, USA, Mar 2016